Faculty Spotlight

November 20, 2023

Denise Vigani, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy, has received a subaward as part of the project, "Testing Patience: A Prelude to Interdisciplinary Study", funded by the Templeton Religion Trust and led by principle investigators Anne Jeffrey (Baylor University) and Tim Pawl (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota). The project aims to produce philosophical research on the virtue of patience and its empirical study. In her role, Dr. Vigani is participating in a science-engaged research group exploring philosophical conceptions of patience as a virtue and the relationship between those conceptions and the operationalized constructs employed in empirical study. She will also participate in an interdisciplinary conference on patience organized by Dr. Sarah Schnitker, head of Baylor University's Science of Virtues Lab. The subaward will allow Dr. Vigani to devote additional time to research on the virtue of patience during the Fall 2024 semester.